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How can you improve your IELTS Reading?

First, read the questions and circle the keywords and then try to look for those keywords or synonyms or para[phrased text in the passage. For sections 1 and 2 – skimming scanning will be your best friend. I didn’t even waste time reading section 3 I just read the text associated with the questions. 

IELTS reading tips; how to increase your bands in reading/or how to get 8 bands in reading tips

Develop your skills for each type of question in reading.

Skimming and scanning.

Develop your speed of reading skills.

Dot tries to understand the full passage.

Develop vocabulary.

Develop your grammar understanding.

How to get 6 to 7 bands in reading.

Put the spotlight on your weakest skill.be clear on what you need to improve on the most. Is it speaking, listening, reading, or writing.

Study the assessment criteria. For speaking and writing.

Go to class don’t spend your money on another test just yet.

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