IELTS is important for every one who is looking forward about his/her career abroad in English speaking countries, like UK, Australia, Canada, USA. It might be for immigration or study abroad matters. IELTS can open new horizons of success if anyone get good bands in IELTS. 7+ Bands are a target many people set for their success. and who achieves their desired bands, set themselves towards a better destination.

For a better IELTS Result there are few things which every one should consider while preparing for IELTS.

First of all you must know what are your required bands

Try to do a Assessment test first.

Realize yourself, where you standing how you can perform in all the modules of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

Then pick all the modules one by one and find your mistakes. How to fix these mistakes follow these steps.


Listening is very important because it gives you more bands and help you get a good overall score. while doing listening practice try doing these things.

  • Listen the conversation only once and try to answer the questions.
  • check all your answers after your have completed.
  • Get the answer key and try to correct the answers.
  • Try to notice where you lack
  • Try Listening again the conversation and find the words you missed.
  • If this practice does not help, try to get the transcript of the conversation , Read it along with the played transcript, now it will help you boost yourself and help understanding the accent.
  • Know your mistakes in different areas and try fixing them.
  • To improve your listening skills try watching English Movies, Serials, News, Talk Shows.
  • If you can’t understand them try watching them with English Subtitles.
  • With a routine practice you can enhance your skills.
  • It can boost your Listening score easily to 7 + for a medium level student.


Reading is very crucial part of the IELTS. Normally students are feared from Reading and can’t perform well. Reading is normally difficult part of the language test. Simply follow the given steps and it will help you improve your scores.

  • Attempt a reading test like you have to do in the IELTS exam.
  • Time management is really very important while doing reading because if you don’t care about the time there is no use of doing the test.
  • After you have done try checking your answers and correct the wrong ones.
  • after correcting them try to find the correct answers also in the passages.
  • Realize your mistakes, if you realized your mistakes it will help you know what IELTS reading is.
  • If you perform two or three tests in the same way you can over come your mistakes and boost yourself.
  • Managing accordingly is a fun. you really enjoy the tasks if you understand.
  • To improve your reading skills, you must read English news papers, journals, and any kind f books which can give you information.
  • Don’t ever try to memorize the information provided in the passages.
  • Don’t forget to mark the important information while attempting.
  • Mostly he questions are in a sequence so you can easily find the answers.
  • Don’t forget to move the answers to answer sheet.
  • Do not do too many tests just enhance your reading skills through proper attention and the way it has been explained in above lines.


IELTS writing is technical and you have to deal it with great attention and you must have information and knowledge with a rasonable vocabulary.

Things to keep inn mind


it is really important that you focus on the pictorial presentation given to you.

  • Do not try to describe it completely.
  • follow the structure of task 1
  • Try not missing the important trends in picture.
  • important never means the big numbers, but it can be the small numbers as well.
  • Do not add any thing from yourself.
  • Just be focused while ready the report of 150 words.
  • Do not use the vocabulary you have never used before.


Follow the structure


Main Body text


  • You are supposed to respond accordingly the question is asked in the task,
  • Do not try to use irrelevant vocabulary and words.
  • Try to be in the circle of the question
  • Write again and again to improve your sentence structure
  • Use appropriate words and linking vocabulary words.
  • Support your arguments with supporting arguments.
  • give a clear point of view about your understanding.
  • you are never supposed to provide high level vocabulary.
  • Examiners want you to perform with your own point of view and skills.
  • Try writing again and again.


Speaking is surprising part for everyone. it is 11-15 minutes test.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that do not think it is an interview.

  • Consider it is discussion between you and the examiner for some time.
  • do not get too nervous
  • do not get confused
  • you are not supposed to remember everything by heart for this test.
  • this is all about you , your likes , dislikes, favorites.
  • Answer all the questions according to your understanding, there is nothing wrong and nothing right about your answers. but your English should be sensible and appropriate.
  • Que card practice is the important part of IELTS speaking exam.
  • practice while keep your mobiles phones recording is on. after you have completed, listen carefully what you have spoken, and then look at the time as well.
  • Keep practicing and you will improve your speaking,
  • Important and surprising thing to improve your speaking if you are weak in speaking, watch talk shows and it will help you learn the skills while speaking.

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